BOTOX and cosmetic fillers Radiesse and Restylane, are offered through R.N. associates. A complimentary consultation is required prior to determine whether or not cosmetic injectables are appropriate for you, and to discuss your desired outcome with your nurse injector.  BOTOX is charged on a unit basis, fillers such as Radiesse are by the .mL syringe.  Your nurse injector will recommend the amount of units/mLs needed to correct an area based on experience and your specific appearance. We primarily work with neurotoxin BOTOX, though we also use Dysport.

Answers to some frequently asked questions/What you should know

  • Units of BOTOX are not measured by the dilution. There is a dilution range that nurse injectors and physicians work with. You are not quoted on the volume of the material, only the units.
  • Everyone absorbs BOTOX differently. There is a range of 1-7 days for the effects to be visible, and the duration of the effects ranges from 3 months to 6 months on average. Absorbtion is based on a number of factors, primarily metabolism.
  • We ask that you do not drink alcohol for 24 hours post injection or to not take aspirin because it increases your chance of bruising. Slight bruising is a common side effect, but we do our best to limit your risk, though everyone's skin is different.
  • We recommend not exercising for 24 hours post injection to allow the product to settle where it was injected.

You will receive a thorough explanation and encourage you to ask questions. We recommend bringing a photo that you like to the consultation.